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Look4Cars is a service of AFS Information Systems
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Look4Cars enables dealers to automatically upload their inventory to the internet.

Another feature is called "auto tales". We see it as a collection of stories about fond or not so fond memories of cars (your first car, strange mechanical problems, restoration stories, etc). If you have some of those memories and you feel like putting them in writing (and on the web), I would very much appreciate it if you email them to me. I will consider adding your story also. Email to: rcooper@afsinfosys.com

Announcement: 01/01/1997
AFS Information Systems announces a target date of 01/01/2000 for the new Windows 2000 version of automobile dealership software. It will run on Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
For more information contact the sales office at
1-800-777-6709 or email us at sales@afsinfosys.com

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